Amazon Appstore goes global: available now in Europe, Australia and India (update: not so fast)

Amazon's Appstore hasn't set the world on fire just yet -- perhaps due to the fact that it was a US-only store since launch. That could soon change, with a number of Amazon customers reporting that the curated Android marketplace is now open for business across western Europe, also working in India and Australia. We've tested it for ourselves, and can confirm it's functioning with our Amazon UK account, though its dedicated webpage is still based at Register with the site, and you'll be able to rush the free daily app downloads, which has previously offered the likes of Angry Birds Rio and SwitftKey -- worth a regular visit, regardless of what time zone you're in.

[Thanks Nate]

Update: Looks like we jumped the gun, as the Appstore is now no longer functioning for our friends across the pond. (Thanks, Felix)