Samsung Nexus S 4G updated to Android 2.3.7, brings Google Wallet support

It looks like the rumors are true, folks -- the long-awaited update that brings Google Wallet to the Samsung Nexus S 4G on Sprint is indeed here, just two days shy of missing the "summer" deadline completely. We're pretty scant on details at the moment, but the announcement has shown up on an official FAQ page on Samsung's site informing us that build GWK74 is available. If you're a proud owner of the now fully-functional device, you should receive a notification stating that an update is available to deliver the goods via an OTA refresh. We're not sure how long it will take for this to get pushed out to everyone, so a bit of patience may need to be exercised here as you wait. Let us know if you're one of the lucky recipients below.

Update: Looks like the build number is Android 2.3.7, available as we speak for Sprint customers with the aforesaid phone.