Introducing Engadget Distro!

Say hello to Engadget Distro. At its most molecular level, it's nothing more than a series of ones and zeros, cobbled together in a compiler and made to look like words and images on Apple's iPad. But in reality, it's something far greater -- something that the entire Engadget staff couldn't be more proud to have their names on. Distro is the week in technology news, distilled down and reformatted into a beautiful, offline view that can be enjoyed anywhere. You know, like one of those regional jets still awaiting their rightful Gogo injection. We've got a team of designers and editors toiling around the clock to assemble our best long-form feature content and reviews, re-wrapping it in a fashion that takes full advantage of a little thing called "multitouch."

As of now, we've got plans to launch Distro on the iPad soon (as in, super soon!), but you can bet we're already hammering away on versions for the other major tablet platforms. Rest assured, we're as eager to finish them as anyone, and yes, they'll all be absolutely free of charge. For those who find themselves a touch overwhelmed with the sheer torrent of news that occurs in this space each and every day, Distro offers a relaxing, peaceful alternative. Sort of like morphine, but available sans a prescription. We'll be showing off a sneak peek during tonight's live Engadget Show (tune in here!), and we'll be sure to keep you abreast of our launch date as it draws closer. For now, have a look at what Distro will bring in the video after the break. We hope you enjoy. %Gallery-134423%