dockBoss+ adapter brings iOS speaker dock compatibility to Android, BlackBerry and WP7 handsets*

A while back, you probably splurged for that insert-iPod-sound-system-here thinking you'd get some pretty good mileage out of it. If you also jumped ship at some point along the way (read: switched to Android), CableJive can help keep your bookshelf system cranking for a little while longer. The dockBoss+ adapter features micro-USB and audio plugs opposite a 30-pin connector, the latter of which fits nicely in one of the eight quadrillion iOS-compatible sound systems currently on the market. Now, you can port that valuable charging action to your existing handset -- plus, the accessory also features a built-in charge converter for FireWire-enabled cables and docking stations, if needed. Not only that, but the dockBoss+ will also work in tandem with your iOS-centric car or home stereo -- unless you're still clinging to the factory head unit in your VW Beetle... bummer. Those looking to pick one up can do so starting September 28th for $30; a handful of Lincolns is much easier on the ol' wallet than a brand new one of these, that's for sure.

*Assuming, of course, that you're cool with a few cables hanging out, and that your handset actually uses micro-USB.

[Thanks, Gregor]