America may join the net neutrality parade on November 20th, if the courts let it

Well America, on November 20th you too will finally have net neutrality regulations all your own... provided the anticipated pile of lawsuits don't derail the process. The FCC will publish its "open internet rules" in the Federal Register tomorrow, making the regulations official. These are the same fairly modest proposals that were passed nearly a year ago over Republican opposition and, on that fateful day in November, they're scheduled to take effect. The rules have already faced challenges from Congress, Verizon and MetroPCS, but those suits were dismissed since the regulations technically didn't exist. After tomorrow though, any and all legal challenges will be fair game. Since the FCC is relying on its ancillary powers instead of reclassifying broadband as a Tier II service (similar to telephone landlines), those challenges could actually meet with success. If you need a refresher, just check out or guide to net neutrality as well as our interview with advocate and law professor Tim Wu. Now, we just have to wait and see what tomorrow will bring.