CCP to EVE players: We've heard you, unprecedented development refocusing in the works

EVE Online - Incarna login screen

Significant change is afoot in EVE Online, and no, we're not just talking about the latest clothing item on the Noble Exchange or additional captain's quarters built on top of Incarna's foundation. A brief blog post on the official website indicates that CCP has taken the firestorm of criticism from long-time players over the last several months to heart.

While it's not quite a mea culpa, CCP Zulu does say that the company has been engaging in an "extensive and intense introspection and revitalization. The result of this is a refocusing and reprioritization on a scale unheard of within our company."

How extensive (and how intense)? That remains to be seen, of course, but the post points to the recent ship-spinning update and also goes a step further. "We are listening to you, we have heard you, and plans are already in motion," Zulu writes.