Install Windows 8 onto your HTC Shift today, give it a reason to wake up in the morning (video)

If you've got an HTC Shift sitting around that's collecting dust and not doing much else, it could find a new lease on life with the revelation of its (very unofficial) support for Windows 8. Like they did for Mac OS X previously, the folks at xda-developers have shoehorned Microsoft's latest Developer Preview OS onto the dejected UMPC, and so long as you've got a bit of spare time, the right equipment and are good at following instructions, you can too. All the basic driver support appears to be in order, including support for video acceleration, the touchscreen and WiFi. Granted, you should keep in mind you'll be installing pre-release software on unsupported hardware, but isn't that half the fun? There's a video after the break (heads-up: it's in French), and if you're looking to get started right away, you'll find a full list of instructions in the source below.

[Thanks, M.]

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