iRoom iDock imounts your iPad to your iwall

One sure fire way to make sure you never lose your iPad? Stick the thing in your wall. Now available in North America from Bracketron, the iRoom iDock is a motorized dock for your Apple tablet that can be flush-mounted into your wall. Once connected to your power supply, the system's proximity sensor will open up when you're around to accept your tablet into its docky clutches, for some serious wall-charging action -- and if there's a power outage, the thing will open up automatically, so you can grab your slate back. The dock is available in landscape or portrait orientation and comes in black, aluminum or white -- or you can get a custom color to match your home's walls, because why not go all out with your wall-mounted iPad dock thing? Press release after the jump.

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Bracketron Releases the iRoom iDock – World's First Powered, Motorized In-Wall iPad Mounting Solution

Minneapolis, MN – September 21, 2011 – Bracketron, the leader in mounting solutions and accessories for mobile consumer electronics, announces the North American availability of the iRoom iDock, the first powered and motorized in-wall mounting solution for iPad on the market today. Available in portrait and landscape models, the iDock can be flush-mounted to seamlessly and stylishly integrate the iPad into any room. A patented motorized docking system opens and closes the iDock to securely store the iPad, and the dock also includes both power and composite audio internal connections. The mount's faceplate comes in three sleek colors including brushed aluminum, piano black and opal white, or can be color customized so that the bezel perfectly matches your unique interior design. Compatible with both iPad and iPad 2, iDock Landscape and iDock Portrait are available now through Bracketron, the official and exclusive distributor for iRoom iDock in the United States, Canada and Mexico.

"The iRoom iDock is an elegant solution that fully integrates the iPad into a room's design concept," said Mark Mandel, Executive Vice President of Bracketron. "The iDock is ideal for both residential and commercial settings, and will turn any room into a truly sophisticated and connected space."

The iDock features a unique opening mechanism with an invisible proximity sensor. When activated, the sensor recognizes when you are nearby and switches the iDock to the open position allowing you to insert your iPad. After ten seconds the iPad intake closes again automatically. The proximity sensor can also be disabled to lock the iPad permanently in place. When the iPad is inserted into the dock, you have total control of audio and video equipment or smart home applications on the device. The iDock also automatically charges the iPad battery when mounted. If you experience a power outage, the iDock simply opens automatically and releases the iPad for removal.

The iRoom iDock is integrated flush with the wall using a special flush-mounted socket. The iDock is then connected to the power supply and inserted into the flush-mounted socket. For added security, the iDock's proximity sensor and automatic opening and closing functions can be disabled if desired. Additionally, the integrated audio output can be connected to existing wired sound systems, making it possible for the iPad to be used as an audio source. You can then select and play songs from the docked iPad like a modern day jukebox. The iDock landscape model is particularly suited for viewing movies, presentations and photos on the iPad. The iDock is also external contact-friendly, which makes interesting new functions possible such as connecting the dock to a keypad or fingerprint entry system.

The continuous development of iPad applications creates new ways and opportunities to integrate iPad every day. The iRoom iDock is an elegant solution for in-wall docking in:

Private homes
Medical practices
Corporate entrances

The iDock features brilliant design, engineering and high quality materials, and is manufactured to the most stringent European standards. All iRoom products come with a two-year warranty. The iDock is compatible with the original iPad and iPad 2. Two conversion sets – iPad 1-kit and iPad 2-kit – contain easy-to-install rails and adapters that allow users to mount any version of the iPad in the dock.


Motorized docking and release (Watch video here)
Available in Portait or Landscape models, to suit the primary in-wall usage
Docking status notification (iDock Landscape only)
Automatic opening in the event of power failure or overload
Quality design made in Austria
Dimensions (width/height/depth)- 220 x 310 x 66.8 mm
Comes in Piano Black, Opal White or Brushed Aluminum; custom colors also available
Professional installation recommended