Mango bumps NoDo, rolls the update train to Dell's Venue Pro

You've had a few months to get cozy with NoDo on the Venue Pro, but don't get too chummy -- Mango's on the way. An official blog post on Dell's site assures owners of the chunky WP7 slider that Microsoft's much anticipated OS update should be on its way before Autumn's end. Unlocked owners in the US, EMEA and India, in addition to locked handset owners on T-Mobile US and Cincinnati Bell will be treated to the tropical software sauce sometime in the next few weeks. Left out from this upgrade party are contracted device owners on AT&T that'll just have to wait for a future announcement. An official Mango rollout across all existing Redmond-sanctioned devices is already slated for the next two weeks anyway. Still, it's always nice to hear the news confirmed twice.