OpenMobile demos ACL for MeeGo, promises 100 percent compatibility with Android apps (video)

OpenMobile is a new company on the application compatibility scene whose primary product, the Application Compatibility Layer, promises to bring Android's large volume of apps to smaller platforms. In the following video, ACL is shown running on MeeGo, where the creators promise full compatibility with every Android app -- without the need for developer modification -- by leveraging Google's runtime environment and Dalvik VM. While support for Intel and Nokia's misbegotten lovechild is first out the door (along with Linux itself), the company plans to introduce similar versions for Bada, QNX, Symbian, WebOS and Windows. Like its competitor, Alien Dalvik, OpenMobile is positioning its Application Compatibility Layer to OEM manufacturers rather than consumers. Unfortunately, this eliminates any hope you might've had for installing Hanging with Friends on that N9 you've pre-ordered -- unless OpenMobile's able to convince the folks in Espoo with a mighty good sales pitch, anyway.

[Thanks, Mikko]

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