RED CEO teases 4K 3D laser projector, bound for theaters and (millionaires') homes

We all love RED -- the company puts out some of the best pro-quality digital video cameras on the market. But, what about the other side of that equation? All of that 4K footage is worthless without something to watch it on. CEO Jim Jannard, notorious for his ability to build hype and mystery, took to the REDUser Forums to tease some details about an upcoming 4K, 3D laser projection system that will be targeted at both homes (presumably well off ones) and theaters. Details about the projector are still scarce, but we do know it won't be using TI's 4K DLP chip, and that it will rely on passive 3D tech rather than active, which Jannard said "landed in the La Brea Tar Pits." The image is apparently so bright and clear that it left Stephen Pizzo, co-founder Element Technica, "speechless." We just have one question: when can we expect our review unit?