Sezmi's cable / satellite alternative TV service to shut down Monday, won't be missed

It's been almost two years since Sezmi launched its hybrid antenna and internet TV service, and now it has announced the dream of pay-TV without cable or satellite is dead. An email went out to customers tonight informing them the ability to view or record programming on their Sezmi systems would be shut off Monday, September 26th. The only compensation given for the sudden disconnect? Free access to the VOD catalog before that disappears too, on November 1st. The $20 / month Select Plus package that offered pay-TV channels over antenna never spread beyond Los Angeles, although users happy to settle for basic channels and online VOD had access in other markets. Still, we predict it won't be missed simply because it doesn't seem like many people ever signed up. Despite nice features like unique profiles for different household members, the limited sports selection cut off many early adopters from the beginning. The company is apparently trying to pivot into selling its technology to other service providers, we'll wait and see if a Moxi-like resurgence is in the cards. Check out the letter to subscribers and our original video demo after the break while we plan a month-long memorial service for those soon-to-be-useless 1TB DVRs.

[Thanks, John]

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Dear Sezmi Customer,

We regret to inform you that Sezmi is discontinuing its consumer service. As of Monday, September 26, 2011, you will no longer be able to view or record broadcast TV programming through your Sezmi System. However, you will still be able to view movies and shows you have already saved to your Sezmi media recorder. To help ease the transition, you may also rent movies and shows at no charge from Sezmi's On Demand catalog through November 1, 2011. Please visit our website for more details.

Why do you have to discontinue your consumer service?
Sezmi has changed its business focus to providing our product and technology platform to service providers, internationally and in the U.S., who are interested in providing broadband video services to their customers. As a result, we are no longer supporting our direct-to-consumer service.

What does this mean for me?
You will no longer be billed for Sezmi service. As of September 26th, you will no longer be able to utilize the programming guide and your digital media recorder will no longer operate as a recorder. You will be able to view movies and shows you have already saved to your Sezmi system and YouTube access will not be affected. Between now and November 1st, you may rent any movies or shows at no charge to you. After November 1, Sezmi's On Demand catalog will no longer be available but you will still be able to use your Sezmi system to view all programming you have saved to the media recorder. Detailed information is on our website,

Thank you for having allowed us to serve you
We sincerely appreciate the enthusiasm and loyalty our customers have always shown. Sezmi was launched to provide customers a new video entertainment choice that provides a premium video experience at a more affordable price. With our new company focus, we will continue to deliver on the promise of providing a premium and cost effective TV alternative; however, we will do so through partnerships with our broadband service customers.

For questions
If you have questions, please go to

Thank you again for having been a Sezmi customer.

The Sezmi Team