Joli Original: the perfect iPad sleeve

My long search for the perfect iPad sleeve has come to an end. That's because I've found the Joli iPad sleeve. And it's a sleeve I'll use as long as I own my iPad 2. The Joli iPad sleeve is handmade, which probably accounts for its excellent quality. The sleeve is made by the Amsterdam-based artistic team of Jolien and Harold. Its exterior is made from Italian soft leather that came from cows who were allowed to roam in open pastures their whole lives. The interior of the sleeve is made of 100% Spanish wool felt.

Though the quality of the materials used in the sleeve are excellent, the main reason I'm in love with this sleeve is because it fits my iPad so snugly. Once the iPad is inserted, there isn't one millimeter of wiggle room. Also the sleeve is so thin it hardly adds any bulk to your iPad. And because of the quality of the leather when I slip my iPad into the sleeve I feel as if it's encased in an armored skin. I've got no worries about my device when I throw it into my backpack with my laptop and books and go on a cycle to my local cafe. Despite its deceptive thinness, the sleeve gives you iPad all the protection you'll ever need.

My Joli sleeve is made of black leather with an orange felt inside, however you can customize what your sleeve looks like. Choose between black, brown, or purple leather and green, orange, red, or pink wool felt. You can also have the sleeve customized to fit an iPad 2 or an iPad 2 with a Smart Cover.

If you're looking for a sleeve for your iPad, get this one. Or, if you're looking for a gift for an iPad owner, this sleeve makes an excellent choice. Not just because of its quality either. A lot of love goes into each handmade Joli sleeve and that love doesn't stop with the sleeve itself. When you (or your recipient) receives it it will be wrapped in tissue paper with a hand drawn sketch by one of the artists on it (check out the gallery below). Presentation counts and it's that unique presentation that adds to the "giftability" of this iPad sleeve.

The Joli iPad sleeves cost €45.00 EUR (about US$60). Joli Original also makes MacBook Air and iPhone sleeves of the same fit and quality. You can check out their entire range of handmade sleeves on their website,