Spotify on forcing Facebook upon users: 'it seemed logical'

Spotify wants to be the next big thing in music, but a change to its service has created quite the uproar online: users can only get their Spotify on if they have a Facebook account. Of course, we knew this was in the works from the time it opened its doors to all Americans, but netizens were sufficiently vocal in their disdain for the change so as to elicit a response from the company. According to Spotify, most of its users are already on the Social Network -- plus the service uses Facebook on the backend for its social features -- so it made sense to integrate the logins. Rest assured, you don't have to connect your account to Facebook unless you want to, and users still control what they share and don't share in their Timelines. We understand why the move doesn't thrill everyone out there, but we're okay having one less username and password to remember. Change can be a good thing, ya know.