Turbine to bring back LotRO's Fellowship Maneuvers to boss fights

Fellowship Maneuvers

It's a long-running in-joke in the Lord of the Rings Online community that no matter how often Turbine tries to call its group combo-maker "Fellowship Maneuvers," players can't stop referring to them as "Conjunctions" (the name for the system from beta). In a new dev diary covering the resurgence of the feature, Turbine acknowledges the nomenclature debate with the title "Conjunction Conjunction, What's your Function?"

In the past, Turbine had disabled Fellowship Maneuvers for tough boss fights, fearing that it would make the encounters too easy. However, the devs want to start giving the system more love again, and they have a two-step plan to do that. The first step is to allow players to create customizable Fellowship Maneuvers on a per-mob basis, allowing players to fine-tune their approach to each deadly encounter. The second step is to lift the ban on Fellowship Maneuvers during boss fights while making them much tougher to pull off successfully. This latter step is still in the planning stages, but the team wanted players to know that it was in the works.

There's more information in this developer diary about Conjunctions, especially in regard to the new 24-man Draigoch raid, so it's worth checking out if you're a serious dungeon crawler.