Is a second generation Kindle Fire tablet hitting early next year?

Shortly after information started leaking out about the warmly-named Amazon tablet, gdgt offered up some supplementary details from sources explaining why the Fire looks an awful lot like the PlayBook. According to the anonymous informants, the thing was built using the same template as RIM's device. Apparently the product is more or less being rushed out the door to make it out in time for the holidays. It seems that there may be another pressing reason for the rush to bring the reader-friendly tablet to market -- namely a much improved second generation device, which is currently on-tap for the first quarter of next year. Why so close? Well, the newer tablet's release date has supposedly been secured for some time, while its predecessor was pushed back for various reasons. It wouldn't be the first time that Amazon launched two Kindle products months apart, with the Kindle DX arriving shortly after the Kindle 2. It's not exactly the same thing, given that one device wasn't meant to replace the other, but it certainly doesn't bode well for the company's ability to schedule. There are still some questions here, of course -- even if the above is true (and that's certainly a big "if"), that doesn't mean that this second-gen tablet will hit its own mark. If it does, however, a lot of early adopters may get burned by the Fire.