Kisai's Rogue Touch watch displays dual timezones, is mildly confusing to read (video)

Need to keep track of time for two locations at once? Fret not, because the Tokyoflash-designed Kisai Rogue Touch's dual timezone watch has got your back (if you can read it, that is). Being a Rogue variant, you'll notice a backlit-LED/LCD dial with a familiar multi-circle layout, but with more layers for the additional time. Aside from hours and minutes, it displays the current date and progression of seconds and notably, features an animation mode for showing it off to your buddies. Of course as the name implies, the readout is adjustable using four touch-sensitive hotspots for the alarm, date and time, or to simply light up the display. If you're up to the task of using it, the Kisai Rogue Touch is available from Tokyoflash in a choice of four dial colors for $200. While you're still here, peek the gallery, along with the video demo past the break below to get a better idea for how it works (Pro tip: if you order in the next 48 hours, it'll be 20 bucks less for that Starship Enterprise feel you'll get with every glance). %Gallery-134941%