Star Trek: The Next Generation is coming to Blu-ray, starting in 2012 (video)

It's official, Star Trek: The Next Generation will follow the lead of the original series and be released in remastered HD form next year. The official site reveals 2012 will actually see two TNG releases on Blu-ray in honor of its 25th anniversary. A single disc preview package consisting of the pilot Encounter at Farpoint, and episodes Sins of the Father and The Inner Light called The Next Level arrives first in January with a $21.99 MSRP, followed by season one later in the year and subsequent seasons after that. All 178 episodes will get the treatment, converted to 1080p with 7.1 DTS Master Audio sound. This is being done by returning to the original film negatives and then recreating the special effects instead of converting them from videotape. Can't wait until then? Check after the break for a (very) quick teaser trailer, or watch the eps in SD one more time on Amazon or Netflix.