iPhone 5 cases and realistic unibody dummy show off incredible slimness

While we're only five days away from finding out the true appearance of the next-generation iPhone, our good friends over at BENM.AT went ahead and crafted their very own unibody dummy using CAD drawings, CNC tools and a block of aluminum -- seriously, that's how they roll! Granted, this work's only based on various data and rumor gathered across the web, but it's still a pretty convincing presentation -- the ultra slim teardrop design and elongated home button from previous reports are taken into account, and the mute switch has been relocated from the top left to the top right. BENM.AT told us that this dummy fits nicely into the supposed iPhone 5 cases that they obtained. Speaking of which, we also found some of these cases too -- read on to find out what they're like.

Earlier today we paid a visit to Shenzhen's Huaqiangbei, and once we dug deep enough, we soon found ourselves standing in front of a bunch of "iPhone 5" cases that were supposedly based on leaked tooling. In fact, according to M.I.C. Gadget, these plastic pieces first showed up in July, though there's still no solid evidence just yet to prove how legit they are; but then again, you may recall that the iPad 2's physical features were given away early by some cases as well, so this might be the same mishap all over again.

As you'll see in our hands-on photos above, the device that our cases are made to accommodate will be taller and wider yet also much thinner than the iPhone 4. In fact, we'd say this new device will have a similar footprint as the Galaxy S II but thinner, so the screen size will likely be the same 4.3 inches as well. That said, BENM.AT believes that it'll be a 4-inch display instead and hence the slightly smaller dummy. Regardless, it's still a good-looking paperweight.

Some have wondered whether these cases are just for the next-generation iPod touch, but the opening for the mute switch suggests otherwise. Considering that this upcoming device can match the same thickness as the iPod touch while also packing the extra cellular circuitry and battery juice, everyone's bound to have very high expectations for the Apple event next Tuesday. We shall see. For now, enjoy the photos and a lengthy video below from BENM.AT.