Could the iPhone 5 look like a beveled iPod touch?

See that up there? That could be your next iPhone -- or it could be a tear-shaped dream. It's a mock-up of what is said to be the iPhone 5, according to anonymous sources quoted by Joshua Topolsky. A continuation of the concepts laid out in our post-CES look at what's next for Apple, the design here is said to be thin, metal-backed, tapered, and sporting a 3.7-inch display with the same 960 x 640 resolution in the iPhone 4's retina display -- resulting in a slight drop from that phone's vaunted 326ppi density. The home button is quite obviously enlarged, possibly adding some thumbable gestures into the mix. Internals are said to include a "swipable" area, possibly meaning NFC, along with a Qualcomm Gobi chipset with support for CDMA and GSM, so this could be the one phone to rule all the carriers. Or, it might wind up only ever having domain over a single .PSD file. To us, well, it looks a little too thin to be packing all that and a bag of antennas as suggested and, with all the weight at the top, we can see these things flying out of hands left and right. But, we're certainly willing to be surprised. Place your bets in comments below.

Update: The source has been updated with a note indicating that the bevel may be "a little exaggerated" in the above mock-up and that the back may not be metal after all.