Some cable companies are pushing for unbundled channels -- but not for you

Sick of paying for cable TV channels you don't watch? Reportedly some operators are looking for a way -- through negotiation or regulation -- to end channel bundling, where to get certain channels (like MTV) they're compelled to pack others (like TV Land) owned by the same company into their basic lineups. According to Reuters, smaller operators like Suddenlink and Mediacom are leading the charge, while even bigger companies like Comcast, Time Warner and DirecTV are feeling squeezed in retransmission fee disputes. However, as the LA Times points out, it's still doubtful you'll be able to pick and choose specific channels for a cheaper bill. What may be available however are cheaper packages of smaller bundles, like the lineup shown above that Comcast is testing in certain areas. What's stopping true a la carte programming choices? Hybrid cable and content companies, like Comcast with NBC Universal and Time Warner, and sports -- someone has to pay for that billion dollar ESPN Monday Night Football deal.