EVE adds more racial captain's quarters to test server

EVE Online - Gallente captain's quarters

Those of you chafing under the constraints of the Minmatar captain's quarters released earlier this summer as part of EVE Online's Incarna expansion have reason to celebrate. The other three racially themed quarters have just been deployed to Singularity (that's the test server, for you EVE newbs).

When we say racially themed, we don't mean like an Al Sharpton monologue but rather like the Gallente, Caldari, and Amarr races who, along with the Minmatar, make up EVE's four playable factions. A new dev blog hits the highlights of each CQ, and each one boasts a visual aesthetic that mirrors its race.

Gallente quarters, for example, are "are slick and streamlined -- comfort through elegant design. The mirror is also prominent, since the Gallenteans are known to spend a lot of time in front of it." The Minmatar pad has also been tweaked, and you can read all the details at the official EVE website. Before you go, check out the preview video after the cut.

[Update: CCP has also uploaded a video explaining the new time dilation feature.]