Is this Apple's cheaper iPhone 4?

See that? That just might be the cheaper iPhone that Apple's rumored to formally unveil on Tuesday. Gizmodo Brazil managed to get a hold of a purported iPhone 4s from within a Brazilian Foxconn factory, and while the hardware itself looks just about identical to the iPhone 4 that exists today, there's a new SKU that's leading to understandable speculation. The N90A model number that popped up has certainly emerged before, but where things really get interesting is the "reprovado" ("disqualified") labeling. Is this batch an early set of prototypes that didn't quite pass QA? Will the eventual iPhone 4s even look anything like the iPhone 4 that's on shelves today? You can bet we'll be on hand in Cupertino to find out, and there's no time like the present to clear out your Tuesday morning / afternoon / evening schedule (depending on time zone, of course) to find out with us.