Apple brings Siri voice control to the iPhone 4S

You've heard the rumors, and Apple has now confirmed that it will be bringing Siri voice control to its new iPhone 4S -- and, yes, it will still be called Siri. That will let you use natural language to perform tasks like asking for a weather forecast or getting directions, setting an alarm or making a calendar appointment, and searching Wikipedia or Wolfram Alpha for information (among many other possibilities). Described as a "humble personal assistant," Siri will work in English (including the UK and Australia), French and German for now, and it'll work with all built-in apps and over both 3G and WiFi. It'll also be a beta to start with, and Apple promises that it "gets better" as it learns your voice. Unfortunately for current iPhone owners, however, it looks like Siri will only be available on the iPhone 4S (at least initially).

Update: Perhaps not surprisingly, Apple appears to have pulled the existing Siri Assistant app from the App Store. There's also somewhat curiously no mention of Siri at all on Apple's Canadian website, although the Siri app itself was never available in Canada to begin with. [Thanks to everyone who sent this in]

Update 2: Already enjoying the fruits of a voice navigated lifestyle with Siri on your iPhone? Don't get used to it, as users are receiving messages like this one indicating it will shut down for the non-iPhone 4S owning plebeians as of October 15th. [Thanks Shawn & Lloyd]