Apple's 'Let's Talk iPhone' keynote liveblog!

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12:58PM Oh yeah.

12:58PM "Ladies and gentlemen, our presentation will begin shortly."

12:57PM Today's music selection? It's a little Who at the moment. "I can't explain."

12:55PM Definitely a huge amount of chatter in the room, people giving last-minute phone interviews. Safe to say there's a lot of anticipation here.

12:51PM It's a small venue, Apple's home theater where they run employee events. A huge contrast to the monstrous events at WWDC.

12:51PM And we're seated, or at least Tim is. Darren's being shuffled to the back. Apparently his Nikon 70 - 200 intimidated a few people.

12:41PM Just saw that Apple's Japanese website is showing an October 14th launch date for the iPhone 4S. Guess we'll be hearing more about that guy soon!

12:33PM The line's getting a bit wild. Wild, we say.

12:28PM Of note, our Android handsets were not taken upon entry. Perhaps it's a sign of "openness."

12:27PM We're through the registration. Not surprisingly, there seemed to be an app for that. With "that" being checking us in.

12:23PM We're currently waiting here in line. Obviously, the event won't get rolling for another 40 or so minutes, so expect sporadic updates till we get seated.

12:20PM Hey! We're invited! Phew!

12:19PM Ralph's chatting it up. Looks pumped. Maybe he's about to get a new iPhone for his network. Hmm.

12:15PM We're in! And so is Ralph de la Vega, head honcho of AT&T Mobility. Not surprisingly, he's on an iPhone. But it's an iPhone 4. I bet he's super upset that he doesn't have an iPhone 5.

11:11AM Also, if you're in the Cupertino area for the next half-hour or so, swing by and say hello. We're the pair of dudes near the front with Android handsets.

11:11AM Got a few general iPhone fans gathering out here as well to watch the festivities from the sidelines. Awesome!

11:10AM Ah, seems Sue Anne's doing just fine. Huge relief! Already getting some applause out here.

11:09AM Chilly day's gettin' warmer by the minute. Topic of conversation in line? OH: "How's Sue Anne doing?"

10:43AM We just wrapped our pre-show broadcast, and are holding down the fort here in line. Looking like a bright, vibrant day in Cupertino. Pretty much the perfect day for a new iPhone. Or two. Or three.

9:57AM And, we're on campus! We're setting up now for a live broadcast outside of 4 Infinite Loop! Stay tuned for a post on that.