LG myTouch phones listed as 'coming soon' to T-Mobile with suspect specs

Remember that pair of myTouch-branded LG phones that made a brief appearance on YouTube back in September? Well they're up on T-Mobile's site and listed as "coming soon." The myTouch and myTouch Q, in black and gray respectively, are sitting pretty with a pair of galleries showing of their sizable bezels and inoffensive (if bulky) curves. There are also some specs listed, but they're a tad suspect and may simply be a placeholder. In particular the Q being listed as having a QWERTY pad that is 92-percent the size of a laptop keyboard had us raising an eyebrow. Both are also listed as sporting 42Mbps 4G connections, which contradicts earlier leaks that pegged these handsets as mid-range 3G devices. For now, we'll just have to wait and see, but you can hit up the source links to take a gander for yourself.