Luxury Vertu Constellation T smartphone now packs post-feudal technology

Rich people in poor countries have had to make some terrible sacrifices when choosing a gem-encrusted handset. They've generally shopped at Vertu, the Nokia-owned go-to company for such ostentatious purchases, but its range of models has lacked even the most basic smartphone functionality. Now though, a Vertu Constellation T has cropped up at the Bluetooth SIG with distinctly forward-looking specs: a 3.5-inch 640 x 360 AMOLED touchscreen, eight megapixel shooter with twin LED flash, 32GB of onboard storage and an HSPA+ modem. You'll find some low-res pics after the break, but we fear they might not look expensive enough -- bear in mind that Vertu devices fetch an average of $7,000, rising to $27,000 for the ultimate provocation of the masses.