T-Mobile's fall roadmap leaks, cornucopia of mobile goods on the horizon

It's no back to school roadmap because, hey, you're already there. Still, this leaked sales sheet from TmoNews shows Magenta stacking its shelves for an abundant fall mobile harvest. So, let's dive right in as there's a lot of two-year contracted bounty to cover. Starting things off on October 19th are a trio of high-end, 42Mbps-capable 4G handsets: the HTC "Ruby" or Amaze 4G at $259, Samsung Hercules (that would be this) at $229 and the Huawei Wayne at $99 (which comes pre-loaded with Spaghetti Westerns, we presume). Following just a week later, is Samsung's Arnold tablet -- a.k.a the Galaxy Tab 10.1 -- which'll run along the carrier's faux-G and retail for $399. But the real wireless bonanza takes place on the 2nd of November, when six new phones will bow. LG's Maxx QWERTY and Maxx Touch at $129 apiece are the sole 3G-only units in the bunch, leaving the HTC Omega (better known as the Radar) at $199, LG Flip II at $149, Huawei Tallsome slate at $199 and the low-end Samsung "Ancora" to surf along at 4G speeds. Making a late appearance to this Autumn party are the last two of the bunch: Samsung's Robin (which looks to be the Galaxy Tab 7.0 Plus) at $299 and RIM's Dumoine QWERTY slider. That enough options for you? We thought so.