DVBLink v4 out of beta, brings live TV, EPG and remote recording on the go

That Boxee client update we saw recently wasn't the only thing brewing over at DVBLogic. It was part of a wider refresh of the company's DVBLink products, including the final release of its Connect! server software that can stream live TV from a network-connected tuner out to Android, iOS and WP client apps with EPG and remote recording. Other improvements include the ability to connect up to eight virtual tuners to Windows Media Center, the promise of less painful WMC setup, as well as a DVBLink Remote API that will allow third parties to create clients for other devices. Check out the full PR for pricing and other details after the break.

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DVBLink v4 makes it even easier to deliver home TV program to various clients on multiple platforms

TV channels available throughout the house and on the go with products from DVBLogic
Eindhoven, Netherlands, 4 October 2011

News Facts

- DVBLink version 4 products released.
- DVBLink Network Server Pack will not be continued.
- Instead the DVBLink Connect! Server delivers even broader support for clients connecting to the TV program at home.
- Client Apps for TV streaming, remote recording and EPG are available for Windows Phone, Android, iPhone, iPad and Boxee in the respective app stores and markets.
- DVBLink Remote API allows third party developers to create their own clients e.g. for rich PVRs.
- Easier and more intuitive TV setup in Windows Media Center.

With the release of DVBLink version 4 DVBLogic makes it even easier to access TV a home PC on a variety of clients throughout the house and on the go. 20-day free trials of the products are available at

The DVBLink product range consists of source products that seamlessly integrate TV and radio channels from various TV sources into Windows Media Center and the DVBLink Connect! Server with client apps making the TV content available on numerous mobile and home clients. In version 4, the setup of the TV sources in Windows Media Center has been improved, making it easier and more intuitive.

"While the improvements on the source side are important from a usability and reliability standpoint, the key change in version 4 is the introduction of apps for the connected clients," explains Pavlo Barvinko, cofounder and CTO at DVBLogic, the new concept.

"Installing apps on mobile devices is widely accepted and the easiest way to deliver the best possible viewing experience on each different device, while keeping the program slim and simple. With more and more mobile devices out there that feature attractive screen sizes and unlimited data plans, watching live TV and recordings is not any more wishful thinking but a reality."

DVBLink Connect! Server v4

The just introduced DVBLink Connect! Server addon comes with an increased variety of mobile client support. Apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and Windows Phone streaming, EPG and remote recording are available in the respective app stores and markets free of charge. The Boxee app is another new extension, allowing the support of streaming and EPG on Mac OS and Linux systems utilizing the Boxee application. Via the Boxee repository the app can also be installed on the Boxee box. For any other clients like rich PVRs, users can download the Remote API and create their own apps. In DVBLink version 4 Connect! Server also offers improved support for streaming TV content within the home network using Wifi to PCs, netbooks and DLNA clients such as the Playstation 3 or Xbox 360.

Requirements, Price and Availability

DVBLink Connect! Server needs a TV source product to be installed and running on the server PC at home. Source products include: DVBLink TVSource (for Satellite, Cable and Terrestrial TV tuner cards), DVBLink for IPTV (for TV and radio programs delivered from an ISP) or DVBLink for Dreambox. For more information visit

DVBLink Connect! Server can be purchased together with any source product in a Connected Edition for 45 Euro including VAT at The products are also available separately for 25 Euro each including VAT.

Free 20-days trial versions are available at DVBLink apps for iPhone, iPad, Android and WinPhone are available in the respective

App stores and markets for free as an extension of the Connect! Server

The Boxee app is available in the Boxee app repository and via

Upgrade Policy

DVBLink v4 is a paid upgrade for v3 and v2 users. The price is 10 Euro per user regardless of which or how many DVBLink products are installed. Customers that have bought DVBLink v3 products after 1 July 2011 will be upgraded for free. Upgrades are available from within the DVBLogic license portal.