HIOD One is a Bluetooth communicator for gadget-hungry cyclists

Between your bell, safety lights and cycling computer there's probably not much room left on those handlebars for more stuff. But, if you're tired of having to speak up to converse with your riding partner, perhaps you'll clear a little real estate for the HIOD One. This Bluetooth communicator lets you talk to your fellow cyclists from up to 1,300 feet away and can be used to place phone calls and listen to music on your phone. The control panel mounts on your handlebars, but the "wireless" voice unit is a bulky box best worn on an armband or clipped to your chest. While the voice unit isn't hardwired to the controller, it does require you to plug in an earpiece and microphone to use it. Though the HIOD One has officially launched, there's no price yet as the company is still looking for retail partners to actually sell the device. If your curiosity still isn't satiated, there's a gallery below as well as a video and PR after the break.

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Meet the revolution in cycling communication

HIOD One launches today. It's the world's first sports communicator with an instant link to your
friends, phone calls and music. It makes the impossible possible – to freely talk in a normal speaking tone while cycling at high speed, hundreds of meters apart.

Halmstad, Sweden, 2011-10-04: The new cycling product HIOD One launches today. It simplifies communication between cyclists. The user can also control his/her mobile phone and stream music through HIOD One. HIOD One provides a social experience in an individual sport.

PalTalk is the key feature of HIOD One that enables cyclists to talk hundreds of meters apart. The user can communicate with five other Pals, one at a time.

Mobile & Music. With HIOD One the user can easily control a mobile phone to make and receive phone calls as well as stream music while cycling.

Safety & Control. An intuitive design makes HIOD One easy to use when focus is crucial. The control unit with its high contrast OLED display is attached to the handlebar for safety and ultimate control.

Sound & Design. The noise reduction delivers clear communication even in high speed and strong winds. HIOD One is designed to provide cyclists with maximum comfort and high quality sound.

HIOD One is developed by Free2move in Sweden. CEO Per-Arne Wiberg says: "Even though cycling is a constantly evolving high technology sport, the communication between riders has not developed much over the past decades. The options available today are com-radio and mobile phones, both with significant drawbacks for the sport user. HIOD One fills this gap by offering a new way of sharing your cycling experience."