UK server failure sends BlackBerry devices offline in Europe, the Middle East and Africa (update: restored)

If there's one thing RIM doesn't need right now, it's another BlackBerry outage. Well, are you sitting down? RIM UK is currently investigating issues affecting "some users in EMEA" -- that's Europe, Middle East and Africa, for the acronym-disinclined. The company has turned to Twitter to acknowledge the outage, with T-Mobile UK and Vodafone Egypt chiming in as well (and pointing fingers at RIM, as expected). The Telegraph reports that the "glitch" hit around 11AM this morning local time, and is affecting email and instant messaging services, along with web browsing, leaving users unable to use their BlackBerrys for anything but making phone calls and sending texts. BlackBerry outages appear to be a rather frequent occurrence for RIM, typically hitting during peak usage times -- like, for example, 11AM on a Monday. So are you currently without service? Jump past the break to chime in with a comment.

Update: BBC is reporting that email services have been restored after the outage affected millions of users.

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