Live from CTIA's day one keynote with Dan Hesse, Dan Mead and Ralph de la Vega

We're seated for the official kickoff of this week's CTIA Enterprise & Applications show, the opening keynote address. Today we'll have the pleasure to hear from the Dan Hesse, Dan Mead and Ralph de la Vega, the CEOs of Sprint, Verizon Wireless and AT&T (respectively). The topic: "Return of the Titans -- carrier insights." We can't be quite certain yet as to what this entails, but we expect many of these "insights" will actually be a plethora of witty jabs flying back and forth at each other. Regardless, we're rather stoked to hear what these gentlemen have to say. Tune in after the break!

1:43PM That's a wrap, folks -- we're going to head to the show floor now. Thanks for joining us!

1:42PM And we're done!

1:42PM No industry is better equipped to make an impact on the environment and innovation than our own, Dan says.

1:41PM Dan's encouraging collaboration and limited government intervention.

1:40PM This was a collaboration of CISCO, Verizon and Duke Energy. It uses Verizon's LTE network to gather data that's screened to tenants to see how much energy is being consumed, helping them learn how to do a better job of conserving energy and save costs.

1:39PM Dan's talking about a Smart Grid system in Charlotte.

1:38PM "Innovation has a much larger lifecycle today. The average lifecycle of a phone a few years ago was 24 months, and we all know that today it's much shorter than that."

1:37PM "We're working to help our customers envision the scope of possibilities that exist with these M2M solutions."

1:35PM "Creative partnerships have been a key focus for us at Verizon for the last few years."

1:34PM Dan's talking about an M2M solution that helps a 15-yaer-old boy in Missouri without an immune system. He goes to school using his computer and the robot goes to school in his behalf to help him interact with teachers and other students.

1:33PM "Cooperation has helped us come a very long way in a very short period of time."

1:32PM Dan's talking about the various innovations centers Verizon launched this summer.

1:31PM "We opened our networks to welcome new entrants to the wireless industry."

1:31PM Collaboration has definitely been a recurring theme for all of the speakers today.

1:30PM His theme is on delivering the full potential of wireless technology to customers now and in the future.

1:30PM Dan's talking about how the wireless industry helped us respond to emergencies, such as September 11, earthquakes, even lost hikers and boaters.

1:28PM Mead: "It's very good to share the stage with Ralph and Dan and hear their comments."

1:27PM And Ralph's off the stage, and Steve is back to introduce Dan Mead.

1:27PM "I think we're in an era where we can truly Rethink Possible."

1:26PM "We're transforming the way businesses are conducted... and the way people live their everyday lives."

1:26PM Now Ralph is talking about wearable devices, that can help athletes measure endurance, as an example.

1:25PM de la Vega: "We're only scratching the surface."

1:25PM AmberAlert GPS. "It's tracking every 5 minutes, and it gives a breadcrumb trail to show exactly where the child has been." It's the size of an Oreo cookie. Great idea!

1:24PM Product manager for Ford: "With AT&T's flexible platform, we can drive more features to customers at a lower price."

1:23PM Another video. This time they're showing off a connected device that senior citizens can use in case they fall or need help.

1:21PM He's talking about the massive number of connected devices AT&T has.

1:21PM The next area of innovation is connected devices. "We have to protect the user experience. If we can take everyday things and make them easier to use, we can really have an impact on people's lives."

1:20PM 58& of CIOs report an increase in user productivity.

1:20PM "AT&T's allowed us to provide platforms in a cost-effective manner, that allows us to expand upon our telemedicine very rapidly. A lot more patients would have lost their lives, and millions of dollars would've been spent if it weren't for [AT&T]."

1:19PM Now a doctor is mentioning TeleMedicine.

1:18PM "With the cellular device, it can be carried with teh patient anywhere in the world."

1:18PM ANother video. THey're talking about PikoLogic.

1:17PM This year, only 17% of all companies expect to cut their IT budgets. Ralph's talking about how companies are embracing tech to vault their business.

1:16PM Businesses are rushing to embrace mobile technology. "In the not so distant past, companies facing uncertain futures turned to IT to cut their budget."

1:15PM Another example is the drive mode app. "The idea came from one of our customer service agents in Detroit." Interesting, this app sounds familiar...

1:14PM More than 100,000 employees participating in TIP. More than 100 projects have already been funded, including the AT&T Toggle introduced yesterday.

1:14PM "Whether the ideas come from a senior level exec or a new hire, the pipeline can be used."

1:14PM TIP: The Innovation Pipeline is being introduced.

1:13PM "We believe that a great idea should come from anywhere."

1:13PM de la Vega's talking about the emerging devices department at the Foundry, using robots. "This highlights how AT&T is changing the direction innovation is taking."

1:12PM "It's all about innovation, tapping into the creative talent that startups and developers have."

1:11PM "We've built out access to the AT&T platform through really simple interfaces. ANybody who can write an app, can use AT&T services."

1:11PM Now they're showing a video about the Foundry in Palo Alto, CA.

1:10PM Right now AT&T has more than 100 current projects at the AT&T Foundry.

1:10PM "We're rolling up our sleeves with VC's and partners, to strategize on what's possible."

1:09PM "The new area code for telecom is 650, and we're right there in the thick of it."

1:09PM "WE can't wait for the innovation to come to us, we have to do it." de la Vega's talking about AT&T opening several labs, called the AT&T Foundry.

1:08PM "The driving force of this industry will be collaboration."

1:08PM He's talking up the importance of collaboration.

1:07PM "Businesses... are looking to collaborate with employees, vendors, partners, and customers." Now he's referring to Nike inviting customers to design shoes.

1:06PM "It's the perfect storm of innovation."

1:06PM "Since I started talking, I bet we've downloaded 50,000 mobile applications around the world. It's fascinating."

1:05PM de la Vega: "in the spring of 2010, I said we were on the verge of a mobile revolution."

1:05PM "Good morning! It's not too often you come to CTIA and get introduced by Dan Hesse and get compared to an actor [reference to John Wilkes Booth]."

1:03PM Dan's off the stage now, and Steve's back to introduce Ralph de la Vega.

1:03PM Winston Churchill quoted now. "History will be kind to me, for i intend to write it."

1:03PM Dan quoted Dan Quayle: "THe future will be better tomorrow."

1:02PM Sprint's also implementing measures to help people with disabilities, such as the Sprint Relay ID pack.

1:01PM Dan put a camera in his son's car to make sure he's not texting while driving. "I'm sure his prom date won't like that!"

1:00PM "We've also asked Sprint employees not to text or email while driving." Agreed!

12:59PM CTIA is pushing a measure called "On the road, off the phone"

12:58PM "We want less distracted drivers on the road."

12:58PM Hesse's quoting George Carlin.

12:57PM Hesse's using Bloom boxes and will be using wind energy to power its headquarters.

12:56PM Hesse's announcing a green closure for his company at the end of the year, a 2 week period of time that employees can work from home to reduce carbon emissions.

12:54PM Carriers are also looking to improve carbon efficiency. "Verizon's reported a 15% increase in carbon efficiency between 2009 and 2011."

12:53PM "We'd like to see consumers push the industry to offer more [green] devices."

12:53PM As of Jan 2012, many smartphones in the US will have a charger that meets EnergyStar standards and reduce energy used by 50%.

12:51PM 140 million cellphones are discarded in this country every year. "Some are shoved into drawers, some are in landfills." Only 10% are recycled.

12:51PM Hesse is talking up Verizon, AT&T and Sprint's approaches to staying green.

9:47AM Mobile has a dramatic impact on economic performance. "One industry... is health care. Costs are rising 600% annually. The US spends more than any other country."

9:46AM He's talking about the collaboration between FEMA and FCC to assist during earthquakes and other emergencies, setting up a response system for those in crisis.

9:45AM Hesse: "2011 was a year with dramatic weather...wireless has changed the way we respond to emergencies."

12:40PM 30% greenhouse gas emissions come from transportation. In some cases cities are using wireless to manage public transportation and cut down on gas emissions.

12:39PM Steve's talking about the environmental impact that wireless has.

12:38PM Steve's mentioning the goal to get microUSB receptacles in half of all phones by Jan 2012. "We're already surpassing this goal."

12:37PM Now he's talking about how the investment in spectrum will create more jobs. "We're calling on Congress to clear the air and help this country move forward."

12:36PM "We don't know too many industries that are eager to write up such large checks [to cover the cost of spectrum]."

12:35PM Demand will increase by 50 times between now and 2015. "THis will create one heck of a traffic jam."

12:35PM There's a 56% increase in smartphone use year to year. Wow!

12:34PM Data traffic is up 110% year-to-year.

12:34PM Steve's mentioning 104% penetration in the US.

12:34PM "We now have more wireless connections than people in this country."

12:34PM "It's clear that wireless is at the heart of the business future. MObile products are in high demand. We're up to the task of delivering. Here's the trick: we need more spectrum."

12:33PM He's talking about the iPhone and its innovation. "We offer our condolences to Steve Jobs' family. He will be greatly missed."

12:32PM Steve's talking about Steve Jobs.

12:32PM "It's great seeing so many of you this morning. We're looking forward to a fantastic week of wireless. the San Diego weather doesn't hurt either."

12:32PM Steve Largent is taking the stage.

12:31PM Lights are dimming. Looks like we're starting!

12:30PM Should be starting any minute now.

9:27AM "Ladies and gentlemen, silence your phones." 5 more minutes.

12:23PM And we're in! We've got some great seats front and (almost) center.