Plantronics Voyager Pro HD headset knows when it's kissing your cheek

If you drive around all day bumping your gums with remote friends and colleagues, then you can't really get along with those more diminutive headsets on the market. That's where the fat and proud Voyager range from Plantronics comes in, with features like all-day battery life, a long boom, A2DP and an InstantMeeting app to connect you to conf calls on your iOS, Android or BlackBerry. The latest Voyager Pro HD model is the first to contain sensors that detect proximity to your jowls and allow the device to re-route calls appropriately. The Pro HD is available now at $100, which includes a year's subscription to the company's Vocalyst voice recognition service -- although we suspect a certain newcomer might have that area covered. The full PR is a click away.

Update: We've just been reminded that the earlier Pro UC headset also had the sensors, so please ignore what it says above (and in the Plantronics press release) about the Pro HD being the first. Thanks, b-e-q.

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Plantronics Eases Communication for the Busy Professional on the Go

Introducing Voyager PRO HD with Sensors and InstantMeeting Conference Calling App

Santa Cruz, Calif., October 11, 2011 – Professionals on the go now have new tools to make work and life a little easier. With world-class sensor and noise cancellation technology, Plantronics ' Voyager® PRO HD is the first consumer headset that knows when you're wearing it. Simply place it on your ear and Plantronics' Smart Sensor™ technology automatically transfers calls to your headset. Combined with the ability to stream high-definition audio and superior comfort for an all day fit, Voyager PRO HD is the smartest headset on the market.

Adding unparalleled convenience for the mobile professional, Plantronics InstantMeeting™ app now connects you to conference calls from your iPhone®, in addition to BlackBerry® and Android™ phones, with just one touch. InstantMeeting scans your calendar, automatically inserts the dial in number and passcodes, and lets you notify participants if you are running late so you'll never miss or be late to a conference call again.

"Plantronics technology is about improving the communications experience and delivering instinctive products that simplify your everyday life," said Elizabeth Hamren, vice president of Marketing, Plantronics. "The Voyager PRO HD and the latest release of InstantMeeting redefine mobile productivity so you can quickly and easily get connected and get on with your work and life."

Smart Sensor Technology
Making and receiving calls is simpler with Smart Sensor technology in the Voyager PRO HD. The headset knows when you are wearing it so it cleverly routes calls to the headset when it's on your ear and to the handset when it's not. Voyager PRO HD also has a locking call mechanism when it is not worn to eliminate accidental calling, and you can answer incoming calls simply by putting the headset on your ear – no buttons to press, applications to open or voice commands required. And if you are listening to music or other audio taking off the headset will automatically pause the stream. Voyager PRO HD also features enhanced voice alerts that announce remaining talk time, connection status, battery-level and mute.

Stay Connected with Your Voice
With Vocalyst™ Voice and Text Services you can send and listen to email or text messages, post to Facebook and Twitter, or check the weather―hands-free. A one year subscription to the cloud-based Vocalyst service is included with purchase of the Voyager Pro HD.

Superior Sound Quality
Like its predecessors, Voyager PRO HD boasts award-winning sound quality, noise cancellation, and three layers of wind noise reduction technology to ensure that your voice is heard clearly regardless of the sort of environment you're in. Plantronics HD audio plus Vocalyst is for more than just answering calls, you can listen to music, follow GPS directions, or check social media platforms and email.

Pricing and Availability
Voyager Pro HD is available now for $99.99 at, Best Buy,, Sprint, and Staples and coming soon to Radio Shack and other select retailers and wireless carriers nationwide.

The Plantronics InstantMeeting app is available for $4.99 in the Apple App Store, Android App Market, and BlackBerry App World. To celebrate the launch of the iPhone version, InstantMeeting is available in the Apple App Store for free until October 14, 2011.