iPhone 4S claims title of first Bluetooth 4.0 smartphone, ready to stream data from your cat

The Bluetooth 4.0 specification may have been finalized in July of last year, but smartphones supporting the standard are just starting to hit the market. In fact, the first such handset is the iPhone 4S. That the 4S is the first to deliver its 4.0 wares to the American public is something that got lost in all the hubbub surrounding its launch. One of the biggest selling points of the latest version of the PAN standard is its low-power mode, though that wont have much of an impact on Apple's device. What it will enable the latest iGadget to do however, is act as a hub -- collecting data from multiple sensors and accessories simultaneously, such as heart rate monitors and cats. Don't expect this to be alone on the market for long, other manufacturers will certainly be squeezing support for the specification into their next flagship device.