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RIM recovers, BlackBerry services coming back online

RIM recovers, BlackBerry services coming back online
Michael Gorman
Michael Gorman|@Numeson|October 12, 2011 8:56 PM
Well, that was quick. Mere hours after holding a press conference stating that it didn't know when BlackBerry users would have their BBM, internet, and email working again, services have begun to come back online. Apparently email is up across the globe, as is BBM. Web browsing, however, continues to be "temporarily" unavailable to those on EMEIA networks in Europe, the Middle East, India, Africa and Latin America. There is of course a considerable backlog of messages to get through, but the good news is that all the BlackBerry bits and bytes are flowing freely once again. Hit the source link to get the info straight from the horse's mouth.
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