Kyocera DuraMax for Sprint hands-on at CTIA E&A 2011 (video)

Call us what you will, but we couldn't resist taking a quick look at the Kyocera DuraMax, which (along with the DuraCore) represents the first of Sprint's handsets to support Direct Connect for CDMA. It's no smartphone, for sure, but we were intrigued by its certification for the military's 810G standard, which promises resistance to dust, shock, vibration, water, low pressure, extreme temperatures and solar radiation -- among other nasty elements.

Kyocera DuraMax hands-on

Kyocera Duramax is in the batter's box, launching with Sprint Direct Connect October 2nd

Rugged gadgets put to the test in Engadget labs, wanton destruction ensues

From the outset, the phone appears stout and bulky. It measures a full one-inch thick, although it seems like even more. Perhaps this is due to the grooved rubber finish, or maybe it's the clamshell shape, but you'll want a holster for this one, as the protrusion in your pocket would be hard to ignore. So just who is this device for? We'd like to imagine it's targeted at the kids who played with Tonka trucks as kids, who now drive bulldozers and pour hot tar on roofs. Yes, this phone is designed to take some punishment, which is undoubtedly its greatest strength. After carefully inspecting each angle, peeking underneath the battery cover and testing the "walkie talkie" feature -- which seems to work beautifully -- we began dishing out some seriously bad behavior. Check out the video after the break to see just what we mean.