Sony's Tablet S and P get 3G in Japan, NTT DoCoMo preps for October 28th release

It's hard being the Jan to Japan's Marsha, always sitting quietly on the sidelines and watching as the "prettier" sister gets lavished with the latest goods. Well, envy doth strike again as Sony's partnered with NTT DoCoMo to add a dash of cellular connectivity to its line of slates. While the country's already seen the launch of the Tablet S earlier this September, that particular model was WiFi-only. Now, the privileged, electronic-consuming hordes over to our East can make the most of their Honeycomb 3.2, PlayStation Certified tabs at speeds of up to 14Mbps down / 5.7Mbps up. There'll be two flat-rate data plans on offer when the devices go on sale this October 28th, with the promo "FOMA Tablet Start Campaign" running until the end of next April. Feel like turning Japanese or at least moving overseas? In this case, we really think so.