Verizon sending Xoom docks back with delayed, updated slates

Still bummed about the delay in getting your Xoom back from its trip to the shop? Well, it appears Verizon may be looking to smooth things over with those who have been waiting the longest. One of our readers let us know, that because they were "among the first" to send off for the 4G LTE / Honeycomb 3.2.2 upgrade, the carrier sent back a Standard Dock (worth $50) along with the juiced up slate. Is it enough to make up for the extra wait time? That depends on your Xoom addiction -- but we have to admit, it's a pretty nice gesture from ol' Big Red.

[Thanks, Nazir]

Update: We're hearing from many of you that the Dock was part of the original update process while supplies lasted. You can still consider yourself somewhat lucky if you were quick enough got one.

Update 2: We've gotten official word from Motorola that, while it wasn't part of the original upgrade plan, the company is offering Standard Docks as a goodwill gesture due to the delay in the update being released. Also, Moto let us know that it's not upgrading the device otherwise -- only a thorough cleaning and new lens protector application. So if your slate is sporting new digs, you might want to go buy a lottery ticket.