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Asus to launch 5 new routers, moving data never looked so good

It may just sit in the corner, silently feeding you internet, but why can't it look good while doing it? Asus is one step ahead of us with this one by extending its Black Diamond design to a new range of five more room enhancing products. The baby of the bunch, the RT-N10 LX, stylishly serves up bog standard 802.11n, while the undoubted prom queen is the RT-N66U which brings simultaneous dual band and gigabit speed L/WAN speeds to the packet shifting party. Two more equally svelte models -- the RT-N10 LX and RT-N15 -- cater for those networking inbetweeners, and finally, for those that accessorize, a dual band USB dongle squeezes in 2x2 MIMO as well as matching perfectly with those new shoes you bought.