Engadget Podcast 260 - 10.14.2011

Trent Wolbe
T. Wolbe|10.14.11

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Engadget Podcast 260 - 10.14.2011
Things are happening in the air around us: our tabazine is beaming its way to iPads around the globe, iThings are being shuffled to and from various parts of the stratosphere, and there was a frightening dearth of airborne activity in the BlackBerry-based community. Tangible inventions have also made their usual marks on the week in tech news: newly-minted iOS 5 guru Dante Cesa joins Tim and Brian this to bring it all down to earth and straight to your ears in this, the 260th episode of the Engadget Podcast.

Hosts: Tim Stevens, Brian Heater
Guest: Dante Cesa
Producer: Trent Wolbe
Music: I Can't Go For That

00:01:30 - Engadget Distro is ready for download!
00:03:45 - Photoshop contest: send us your best / most terrifying Frankengadget
00:05:00 - iOS 5 review
00:13:30 - iCloud opens to the masses, iOS 5 lurks near
00:23:45 - BlackBerry services offline for some in Europe, the Middle East and Africa. Again. (update: RIM confirms India, South America, too)
00:25:13 - BlackBerry outage spreads to US and Canada, continues in Europe, Middle East, Africa, Asia, South America (update: RIM confirms)
00:26:00 - Mike Lazaridis apologizes for BlackBerry outage: 'We've let many of you down' (video) (Update: full services restored)
00:38:40 - Motorola Atrix 2 hands-on at CTIA E&A 2011 (video)
00:41:18 - Archos 80 G9 review
00:46:11 - T-Mobile Samsung Galaxy S II review
00:52:15 - HTC Sensation XE with Beats Audio review
00:56:51 - ASUS Zenbook UX21 and UX31 headed to the US October 12, starting at $999
00:59:02 - Samsung crashes iPhone 4S block party, lures Aussies with $2 Galaxy S IIs
00:59:29 - Dennis Ritchie, pioneer of C programming language and Unix, reported dead at age 70
01:00:12 - Listener questions

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