Motorola teaser counts down to ICS event date, ends a few hours early (video)

Motorola just unleashed a countdown clock for its Daft Punk-esque tease: Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Stronger. We already knew the Spyder was on its way, but we noticed that the clock stops dangerously close to the Google / Samsung Ice Cream Sandwich event set for this Tuesday, missing the mark by only seven hours. We can't say for sure that Motorola is trying get in on the Google magic, but if it wants to push its news during the same business day, it makes sense for them to reveal their goods ahead of the event's 10pm showtime. The teaser's epileptic flash of buzzword images doesn't tell us much, but it ends with a speedy bullet smartly slicing through the event date. Hit the break to see for yourself, we'll let you make your own connections between that date-slice happy bullet and the Droid HD's alternate names.

[Thanks, Robert]