Motorola Lapdock 100 hits Sprint October 21st, earns employees extra scratch

Ready to play PC with your smartphone? If you aren't picking up a Lapdock 100 from AT&T on the 17th, you won't have to wait very long -- Motorola's faux-laptop phone dock has been outed for a October 21st launch date for Sprint via an employee rewards email. Passing the Lapdock 100 Sprint Rewards Me training quiz nets employees $10 in Sprint scratch and the opportunity to sell you a rig that lets a handful of devices play netbook. The laptop shell gives users a full Firefox browser, Quick Office, Google Docs, Adobe Flash, a PC-like File Manager and a luxurious 10.1-inch screen. Still no word yet on just how much this ultra-portable peripheral will set us back, but we'll keep hoping that it's cheaper than the Atrix 4G's axed lapdock.

[Thanks, David]