Seeser laser pico projector is always in focus, powered by Android

We've seen our fair share of pico projectors, so takes a bit to actually get us excited about one, but the Seeser from ESPlus is showing a lot of potential. Inside the tiny black box is a laser-based projection system which, unlike traditional lamps, doesn't need to be focused and can output a 25-lumen, 800 x 600 image up to 100-inches in size. There's an SD card slot around the side, which appears to be of the micro variety and it has an integrated 1seg tuner for pulling in broadcasts. All of this is powered by a 1GHz processor running Froyo -- so there's no actual need to hook up an external content source. Sadly it doesn't appear that it boasts access to the Android Market though, without a touchscreen, you wouldn't be able to make good use of the apps anyway. The Seeser should be available in Korea soon, but there's no word yet on how much it'll cost.