Amazon lockers come to NYC, no more getting caught by UPS in your PJs

First Seattle, then London, now the Big Apple -- Amazon's delivery lockers are starting to pop up all over. As we've explained before, the lockers are basically giant, automated PO boxes, designated exclusively for Amazon purchases. If you choose to add a locker location to your address book (go check your account settings to see if the option is available to you yet), your package will be crammed into one of these kiosks and you'll be given a code to unlock a particular slot at the location of your choice. So far there are eight scattered around Manhattan in Rite Aides, D'Agostinos and Gristedes. We haven't wandered out of our secret lair to get photographic evidence of the drop off locations yet (we prefer to have our Amazon purchases left at the gate under the watchful eye of a turret), but we think the screen shot we took is proof enough that we're not pulling your leg. Still, if you're afraid the UPS guy might swing by while you're still in your jammies this seems like a pretty nice solution.