BlueSLR dongle arrives for BlackBerry and (some) Android phones

Offering to play matchmaker between your high-end camera and smartphone, XEquals has extended support for its BlueSLR remote control beyond iOS. Yes, Blackberry and Android users can now download their respective app and pair this Bluetooth dongle to their (still Nikon-only) DSLR. The compatible dongle and free app will land later this month, but before you lay down the requisite $149, it's worth checking that both your camera and phone models are supported. As it stands, compatible Android phones are limited to some HTC or Samsung models. While Android support is likely to expand in the future, there's no word on a Pre 3 version.

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blueSLR - Made by XEquals Corporation, Adds Support for Android and BlackBerry Phones, and Nikon D5100

Ottawa, ON Canada, October 13, 2011 - XEquals today announced additional support for blueSLR, a Bluetooth accessory for Nikon DSLR cameras that allows photographers to use their mobile phones to remotely control their camera shutter and geocode any photographs. blueSLR is currently compatible with Apple mobile digital devices. Support for Android and BlackBerry phones will ship in late-October 2011.

blueSLR is made for everyone who loves to take pictures.

Discover a new way to both map your memories and wirelessly control your digital SLR camera from up to 300 feet away. To learn how blueSLR works, please visit

Camera Support

blueSLR is compatible with most Nikon DSLR cameras. There are 12 supported models, including the latest Nikon D5100, and the ever-popular D200 and the professional D700. Visit for the complete list.

Key Features of blueSLR

* Use blueSLR to wirelessly control your compatible Nikon DSLR camera and snap pictures from up to 300 feet away.

* Connect blueSLR to your compatible digital SLR camera and use the app that runs on your Android phone, BlackBerry phone, or Apple mobile digital device and use the built in timer for time lapse.

* Use blueSLR to record when and where you took your photos by encoding precise location including latitude, longitude, and elevation, as well as speed and direction right in the photo metadata.

* Protect the copyright of your photos by using blueSLR to accurately record when and where your photos were taken.

blueSLR will provide you with definitive proof that you are the owner of your creations.

* Sort your photos on sites like Picasa or Flickr based on where they were taken using blueSLR's sophisticated GPS geocoding technology.

Pricing and Availability

blueSLR is available for $149 from Support for Apple mobile digital devices is available now. Android & BlackBerry supported devices will be shipping in late October 2011. Customers who pre-order by October 21, 2011 qualify for free worldwide shipping with tracking (up to $50 savings). To receive free shipping, enter Coupon Code: blueSLRNow during checkout.

The blueSLR companion App is available for free on the:

App Store at

Android Market for Android at

BlackBerry App World at