Motorola Droid RAZR gets an early introduction ahead of tomorrow's launch

One thing we love about teasers: they oftentimes backfire, allowing the general public to see more of the product than the company intended. This is the story of the Motorola Spyder (aka Droid RAZR), its first teaser attempt spoiled when the phone's name was included on the image file. The second sneak peek is cleverly designed as an incomplete puzzle with the missing pieces added one-by-one as we get closer to the device's launch, but Motorola left a full image of the phone hiding in plain view. So what we see above is an uber-thin Verizon LTE device with kevlar backing and a Droid X-style hump on the top, a rear camera (presumably 8MP) with 1080p HD video capture, a front-facing cam, a standard set of four capacitive touch buttons and a redesigned Droid eye. We're still hoping to get a glimpse of the Xoom 2 before the big event, but at least you can consider us sufficiently teased for now.

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