Samsung and Google's Ice Cream Sandwich event is tomorrow -- get your liveblog here!

Are you a first-to-knower? You will be if you tune in here 24 hours from now. Samsung's event happens at 10am on October 19th in Hong Kong, but if you want to read it live you only need to wait until 10pm ET on October on the 18th. That's right, we'll be liveblogging from the future, Mr. Fusion not required, and it'll be happening in American Prime Time. Samsung is quite obviously going to show us some more of Ice Cream Sandwich and we're hopeful it'll be seen running on the deliciously curvaceous Nexus Prime. Will there be other surprises in store? Will real ice cream be served? Bookmark this page right here and find out as it happens.

October 18, 2011 9:00:00 AM EST

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04:00PM - Hawaii (October 18th)
07:00PM - Pacific (October 18th)
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03:00AM - London (October 19th)
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11:00AM - Tokyo (October 19th)