Skype / Rdio co-founder's Vdio service leaks out, pronunciation confirmed

Where does one go after Rdio? Why, Vdio, of course. GigaOm today got some answers about Skype / Rdio / KaZaA co-founder Janus Friis's upcoming service. First and most foremost, it's pronounced "Vee-dee-o." The service is in closed beta at the moment, and will be first made available in the UK. The service will let users watch TV shows and movies -- beyond that, we don't know much, though the company assures us all that it "think[s] people will love using Vdio." Fair enough. At present, the service's homepage is cycling through shots of films like A Clockwork Orange and Ghostbusters and TV shows like Justified and Breaking Bad. Not too shabby.