Hori Tactical Assault Commander 3 PS3 keyboard and mouse: for fans of butch peripherals

Peripheral makers often give their devices preposterous names -- remember when you asked your grandparents for that Thrustmaster? Hori has outdone itself with the Tactical Assault Commander 3, which won't allow you to command any sort of tactical assault outside of your PS3. Admittedly, when you settle down in front of the TV, you'll see it's got some pretty useful features. There's adjustable mouse sensitivity and a re-mappable keyboard that remembers your settings after the PS3 powers down. You also get a dedicated walk button to slow your movement, like the gentle tilt of an analog stick. It's available starting October 24th in black or the Best Buy exclusive digital camouflage edition you see above -- but it'll cost you the same $100 whatever style you go for.