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Motorola's Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Stronger. event liveblog!

Motorola's Faster. Thinner. Smarter. Stronger. event liveblog!
Brian Heater
Brian Heater|October 18, 2011 11:40 AM
The countdown is almost at an end. And that means it's time for some serious Daft Punk-referencing Motorola action. What can we expect today? The Spyder / Droid RAZR handset? The sequel to the Xoom? Perhaps an early taste of Ice Cream Sandwich? All of these answers and more will be revealed at 12PM ET.

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06:00AM - Hawaii (October 18th)
09:00AM - Pacific (October 18th)
10:00AM - Mountain (October 18th)
11:00AM - Central (October 18th)
12:00PM - Eastern (October 18th)
05:00PM - London (October 18th)
06:00PM - Paris (October 18th)
08:00PM - Moscow (October 18th)
01:00AM - Tokyo (October 19th)

Photos by Zach Honig.
12:44PM Looks like it's hands-on time. We'll have impressions in a bit!

12:44PM And that's the event, RAZR and MOTOACTV. Xooms? Sorry kids.

12:44PM Droid RAZR by Motorola is the US name. Motorola RAZR is the name internationally. Will be available globally in November.

12:41PM Jha lost his phone for a minute. Too bad there isn't an app for that.

12:41PM Looks like the date earlier was just for the event, man, Motorola is a tease.

12:40PM Pre-orders are starting on October 27.

12:40PM All right, we're talking about how big Verizon's LTE is -- it will be in 178 markets by the end of the year and blanketing the country by 2013. Watch out kids, 4G is coming for you and your families.

12:39PM "Networks matter," says the woman from Verizon. It's fast and reliable -- she's a fan.

12:37PM Are all Androids "Droid?" No, says Marni. True story. Don't call them all Droids, kids.

12:37PM It's Verizon time. Marni Walden, the carrier's chief marketing officer is taking the stage, to give us the lowdown on 4G.

12:36PM It's way faster than the iPhone 4S, according to Jha.

12:35PM And we've got 4G LTE on Verizon for the thing -- it's thin and fast.

12:35PM The RAZR has a bunch of accessories (no surprise). Bluetooth headsets, two Lapdocks, portable power, HD docking stations, a smart controller, a wireless keyboard--and the list goes on.

12:34PM Ah, now we're talking enterprise functionality. No surprise here -- Android is going business. Does corporate email and document editing. It has remote wipe and data encryption. Also Citrix Receiver is built in for remote access. "Enterprise is getting consumerized," people are using their personal phones for work. Too true.

12:32PM The content will seamless sync to mobile devices, so you can have images of other people's devices on lots of gadgets. The point here is that the content goes to your devices, so you're less reliant on the cloud.

12:31PM All right, he's taking video of all of our pretty faces on the RAZR now and uploading the image to his PC. "Should take 20, 25 seconds."

12:30PM Jha is showing us a Powerpoint presentation of his marathon plan. Dude is going to be fit by the time the Droid RAZR II comes out.

12:30PM The PC has gone offline. "Why do the demo gods hate me." But Moto's got a back up, don't worry.

12:29PM Now he's showing pictures of someone else's kid. Okay, looks like it's not his phone, after all. Using an HDMI cable, you can show images on an HDTV -- as long as they're of someone else's kids, apparently.

12:28PM What are the odds that this is from Jha's actual music library? Going to say 80 percent. He loves him some Fiddy.

12:28PM Jha is going to stream some 50 Cent for us from his iTunes. Get ready.

12:27PM MotoCast lets people access their content in a "personal cloud," securely. You connect the phone to a PC with a USB cable, create a secure account, and select the files you want to share -- like music and images.

12:25PM Only about 15 percent of people store their content in the cloud, according to Jha. The solution? MotoCast.

12:25PM He's talking up Smart Actions now, to automatically shut off applications and functionality, to save your battery life when your home or the battery is dying. You can get up to 30 percent more battery life using the feature.

12:24PM You can dock the phone to a dock for internet browsers and email, while charging the thing. Motorola loves its docks, after all.

12:23PM A dual core 1.2GHz processor inside, plus 1GB of RAM. Pretty good, Motorola. The RAZR should give you 12.5 hours of talk time and 8.9 hours of video playback.

12:22PM Apparently the thing is super durable, in spite of its size. Uses a nanotechnology called Motorola Splash Guard, the first phone to use that technology.

12:21PM It can download HD movies from Netflix for that fancy 4.3 inch screen.

12:20PM The phone is 7.1mm thin. Looks like thin is in for Motorola again. They're calling it "the world's thinnest smartphone." Can we get a fact checker in here?

12:19PM Stainless steel, Gorilla Glass, Kevlar, 1.2GHz processor, 4.3 inch display, 8MP camera, and extended battery life on this thing. Looking good.

12:18PM The Droid RAZR by Motorola is the official name. Bye bye Spyder.

12:18PM Alright: thinness, durability? check and check. It's going to be fast and have a hi-res display. He's just teasing us now.

12:17PM Okay, it's smartphone time. Get ready. Jha is talking about how important the look and feel is for a phone. is it RAZR time?

12:17PM Will be available November sixth. 8GB is $249 and 16GB is $299.

12:16PM Bob is going to help Sanjay lose a couple of pounds, so look forward to that after the show.

12:16PM The device can gauge which songs you work out the hardest to and build a playlist, so you don't have to appear on an embarrassing reality show. Definitely a plus.

12:15PM It really looks like a large Dick Tracy watch for people who are in better shape than you.

12:14PM Now it's Bob Hopper from "The Biggest Loser." He's talking about what a loser he is, compared to Dean, oh, and the weight loss aspect of the device. This is going give you motivation, says Bob.

12:13PM This explains all of the sleeveless dudes running around.

12:12PM The headset also does calls, obviously, so looking forward to a lot of, "can't talk, running" calls in the near future.

12:12PM Information from the device is auto uploaded when you get within your WiFi network, so you don't have to sweat all over your computer, because no one wants that.

12:11PM Dean is really excited about the wireless headset that can also take your pulse. It's more comfortable than a heart rate monitor, so that's somethiing.

12:10PM Jha is bringing marathon runner Dean Karnazas on the stage to make all of use doughy geeks to feel bad about ourselves.

12:09PM MOTOACTV.com is being launched as well, so you can log all of your information, and, you know, work out in the cloud. Also, you can put information on Facebook and Twitter -- really looking forward to seeing elliptical tweets. Thanks Moto.

12:08PM It's sweat proof, too -- definitely a plus for any piece of workout equipment.

12:08PM Motorola is offering up two Bluetooth headsets, the SF700 and SF500 to go along with the thing.

12:07PM It has a 600MHz processor, runs Android and weighs 35 grams. Tracks running, walking and cycling statistics. Has GPS to track routes. It monitors your heart rate. Looks like a Nike+ killer.

12:05PM It's a music player that plays the songs that push you the most. It tracks miles and calories and has a rugged design. Looks very iPod Nano-y.

12:04PM Introducing "Motoactv." Merges fitness and music like nothing else.

12:04PM He's talking about working out now and all of the stuff you have to carry. "We have the technology to enhance how you work out."

12:03PM One in four people are more prepared to share their toothbrush than their smartphone, according to Jha.

12:03PM The smartphone is the last thing we see at night and the first thing we see in the morning. "It's a sad state of our lives." Three quarters of people use their smartphones in the bathroom.

12:02PM We're going to talk about smartphones right now, and how they've changed our lives

12:01PM It's go time. Sanjay Jha is taking the stage.

12:01PM Schmidt is sitting a few seats down. No big deal.

11:58AM "Life M Powered" seems to be the slogan of the show. Looks like we've got good puns coming out us today.

11:56AM He's looking far less stressed out with this whole CEO thing behind him -- just hanging out. we're guessing he popped by just to listen to some of these sweet jams.

11:52AM Ran into Eric Schmidt in the hallway -- no joke. Looks like we might be getting a taste of Ice Cream Sandwich today, after all.

11:48AM Some guy in the front is filming us with a giant camera. Look for us on the evening news tonight.

11:45AM Now it's "Stronger" by Kayne. Guessing this means we're about ready to roll on this bad boy. No one has shown up in Daft Punk helmets...yet...

11:43AM And we are inside. They're playing MGMT and there are a bunch of sleeveless dudes standing around, waiting to show off gadgets. Motoparty up in here.